Visual Design / Projection Mapping / System Integration


About Visual farm

Visual Farm is a design firm with offices in Berlin and Bangkok. We have production and hardware support in all Europe and Asia thanks to the network that we have developed in more than 10 years in the entertainment industry. Our experienced team is the combination of some of the best designers, video artists, 3D animators, special effects specialists, professionals builders and engineers.

By using the latest technologies we are capable of providing an extensive range of services, from the one off corporate, lifestyle, opening, anniversary and music event to the permanent installation for forward thinking clients that want to create the next level ground breaking experience in their special venues. We are always looking to collaborate with this type of clients.

Our primary focus is projection mapping across wide surfaces, entire buildings facades and domes and we have also extensive experience with lighting and LED installation for clubs and corporate events. Excellence brought us in international ground and we are striving to bring our ideas and vision to set a new paradigm in lighting, advertising, and entertainment that will leave your audience simply amazed.




Mittenwalder Str. 6, 10961 Berlin
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